Sunday, 12 February 2012

Lazy days...

So this is Marley,  our daugther Maddy's puddy cat, having a very relaxing time on the back verandah on a warm afternoon - well he thinks its hot anyway and needs a rest from his busy life.

Just want to show you this photo of a hexagon quilt that I made for my mum's birthday last October, from 1" hexagons and used up a lot of scraps of florals etc.  It turned out to be quite a rush to get it finished in time, kind of turned me off paper piecing for a week or two!!

Now this is a enlarged version of one of my newer patterns, Salvation Jane, made by Barb in the Wednesday group at the Cootamundra Sewing Centre - it is absolutely gorgeous in the blues and greens, the original is in purples and creams.


  1. Hi, I've come via Chris Jurd's blog.Your hexagon quilt looks huge!! I bet your mother loves it!! Marley has the right idea, a nice afternoon rest on a warm afternoon. It must be fun to see a quilt you've designed made in different colours. Those blues are so lovely.

  2. Congratulations on your blog Janelle, look forward to watching it grow.