Thursday, 22 March 2012

Keeping busy

You know when you can't fit anymore stuff into the box in the cupboard, when it overflows and the door won't close, its time for a sort out.  Hadn't realised that there where so many of these little chaps in there, so out they came to make way for new fabric purchases.  They will go in a new box for a project one day, not sure what yet, they will come in handy for something.

 Reds and browns are amongst my favourite colours in the reproduction ranges, and just had to have a project using them in a small way, alas Redgum was created, a medium quilt and tablerunner and using the economy block design as a base.

 This is another version of my Dorothy quilt, made a little bigger and donated to our local school.

Until next time, keep busy with those projects, because as we clean out and tidy up and finish off, it means we can start another one (or two)!

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

After the rain...

Firstly apologies for being off line, we have had rather alot of rain in the past week, which has caused major flooding in the towns, and also minor flooding around us with creeks up and paddocks being so water logged that you dare not drive off the track.

  Okay, back to more important things like patchwork -  if you are a reader of Homespun magazine, then turn to page 82, and this might look familiar. I am very happy with how it has come out in print, let me know your comments.

Sharon has breezed through my new design, Level Crossing with a rich combination of reproduction browns, she is just a whizz on the machine, looks fantastic.

 And here it is with the blocks together, just the borders to go..

Below is Barb's work in progress, beautiful stars and log cabin blocks , watch this space for the next part. 

Well, will say bye for now, wanting to get back to some stitching myself, see you soon and stay safe.