Thursday, 11 October 2012

Boree Creek quilt show

If you happen to be travelling around this weekend and you find yourself between Wagga and Albury there is a little town called Boree Creek, hosting a quilt show that you should go and see.  This is a biannual exhibition of locally made quilts and items, as you can see from the photos, they have put alot of work into it and they look beautiful.

This is their raffle quilt, a fantastic version of my design, the Whirlygig.  You can still buy tickets to win this great quilt made by the Boree Creek ladies.

Because it is a quilt as you go pattern, it is reversible - this is the back!
A little taste of more of what is on show...
But if you want to see all of it, and the best way to see quilts is face to face, then get to Boree Creek this weekend, times are 9.30 to 5 pm at the Memorial Hall, and refreshments including lunch will be available.
Till next time,
Janelle xx

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