Monday, 9 April 2012

Happy Easter everyone..

Doesn't this bowl look like fun!  I hope that you all had a great Easter, a safe drive on the roads and that you ate lots and loads of chocolate just like me. It is great to now have the kids home for holidays and maybe a couple of sleepins for good measure.

Below are a couple of pics of a huge yellowbox gum tree that couldn't keep standing any longer, the ground just too wet from all the floods recently, that the root system gave in.  I always feel a little sad when big trees like this call it a day - many many decades of growing to get this size, they are just magnificent specimens of nature.

A closer view of the base, it just split in half and fell in opposite directions in the paddock, not an easy clean up for up coming tractor work! On the other hand, plenty of fire wood and will make for a spectacular bombfire.

A sign of life, the next generation has already begun, you can just see the new little gumtree sprouting in the middle there.

The cooler weather is staring to really set in now, nearly time to get the fire going - no shortage of fire wood!
Bye for now, Janelle.

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  1. At least your tree fell down just as you need fire wood. That bowl of Easter eggs looks yummy! Hope you had a lovely Easter.