Monday, 23 April 2012

Whirlygig show and tell

Thought I would share with you this post some class photos from Simply Stitches in Wagga.  It is a busy place to be, run by Faye, catering for patchworkers and knitters and stocking everything else in between. 

This is Doris' version of Whirlygig - isn't it amazing.  It was emailed to me and I love to see the different coloured versions coming from people.  Thankyou Doris for sending it to me and congratulations on doing a great job with it. 

This is the ground floor of the shop, where the classes are held, and finally I remembered to take my camera and do some snapping.  Looking to the camera lens is left to right, Sally, Carole, Linda, Faye and Betty. 

Below is Linda's version of Whirlygig, abit hard to see the fabrics from my photo, but it is all coming together now and also looking great. 

This is Bev, also doing a quilt as you go adapted from another design in gorgeous florals.

Now Karen and Alison are looking to the camera, it was all heads down as they were getting on with their projects.  They were all quite busy and wanting to get on with the job. 

Just in case to missed my last posting, I am very exciting to say I will have a block in the new Quiltmakers magazine that will come out in early May, or have a look at the link,, and the Blog tour that is coming up at the end of next week. 

Shall leave you for now as I am wanting to do some stitching myself, stay safe and well,


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  1. That Whirlygig quilt is lovely!! Its great to see your fun class pictures!!